Get a Top-Grade Pre Filter Water System With Tru Health

Get a Top-Grade Pre Filter Water System With Tru Health

A pre-filter is a water treatment system that purifies water before going through the main filter. As the name suggests, the water pre-filter should be installed before the water filter to ensure maximum water filtration and protection for your water filtration systems. 


Consequently, this battles against contaminants such as lead, chlorine, herbicides and pesticides, water-soluble heavy metals, microorganisms, sediment, dirt, and other contaminants.


At Tru Health, we recommend the water pre-filter system to any water filter owner. Our water filtration experts can help you get the system that best suits your needs and budget.


If you are wondering, “Where can I find a water softener near me?” Tru Health is your answer.

Our Work Is Our Business Card

We have helped San Antonio, New Braunfels, Laredo, and Boerne residents with their hard water issues for many years. Tru Health is a leading provider of water filters in San Antonio that has offered quality work on water softeners, filters, water purifiers, treatment equipment, and more.

We’re pleased to say that we work with the highest quality in water filtration systems in the business. Each of our water softeners is designed to improve the quality and lower the risk of illnesses associated with hard water.

However, even if you own a water softener, having a pre-filter helps keep your water even cleaner. Therefore, after the water has gone through our water pre-filter system and water filtration system, the water is ready for drinking and cooking.

Customized Services that Fits Your Individual Needs

At Tru Health, we understand that our clients are unique and have different demands. That’s why we offer distinct services based on real water filtering needs in San Antonio and the surrounding areas.

Not every zone has the same type of water, so not all homes will require the same water purification system. Our skilled experts can evaluate your water and recommend what you need depending on the type of water in your zone.

Water Softener Near Me?
Tru Health, San Antonio

Whether you live in an apartment building where you don’t have much space or in a house with plenty of water storage space, Tru Health water filters are the perfect water filtration solution in San Antonio.


Enjoy water that is absolutely free of contaminants and bacteria with our water filtration system! Get rid of harmful toxins in your water today!