Quantum Disinfection Media with Tru Health

Quantum Disinfection Media with Tru Health

Quantum Disinfection Media is a Tru Health water softener system that keeps the water clean and clear from contaminants, water-borne pathogens, and water hardness.


Tru Health Quantum Disinfection Media is the most cost-effective, environmentally responsible, chemical-free, power-free cleaning technology available today. Therefore, read on to better understand how this system works.

How Does Quantum Disinfection Media Work?

Tru Health Quantum Disinfection Media works by releasing a small amount of energy into water that eradicates bacteria and viruses. Water then flows through the water softener system and into your home, leaving behind clean and great-tasting water.


When water goes through this process, the pH levels in it increase while hardness decreases to appropriate cleansing levels. Moreover, quantum disinfection uses chlorine in the water to create an oxidizing agent that will disinfect water and eliminate water-borne pathogens. The result is clean, clear, and healthy water at every faucet in your home.

In other words:

When bacteria and other microorganisms in water come into touch with the Quantum Disinfection Media, its positively charged surface captures the electrons inside the pathogens. 


This causes the bacterial structure to collapse on a molecular level. The electrons transfer to the Media surface, allowing you to enjoy clean and healthy tap water without worrying about water-borne pathogens.


How to Get Quantum Disinfection Media in your Water Softener System?

Our Tru Health water treatment process is simple. First, we test your water for hardness level and chlorine dosage before installing disinfection cartridges. Once we know your water’s health history, our water softener technicians set up the Quantum Disinfection Media.


We recommend purchasing Tru Health replacement water disinfection cartridges every 6 months to keep your family safe from contaminants in the water supply.

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