Quantum Disinfection Media

Quantum disinfection media is a new technology that uses light to kill bacteria and viruses. This type of disinfection is effective against a wide range of pathogens, including resistance to antibiotics. Quantum disinfection is also safer than traditional disinfection methods, such as using chemicals, because it does not use chemicals or power.


The surface of the media is impregnated with silver and titanium (that doesn’t leach into the water) and is positively charged. It pulls the negative electrons from the bacteria as they flow in the water. The bacteria’s destruction is instantaneous and complete. Our technology takes UV a step further, because UV only prevents the bacteria from reproducing but are essentially “dead men walking” and need to be removed with a post sub-micron filter in certain applications.


At Tru Health, we understand how important it is to have clean water without contaminants or chemicals. We offer Quantum Disinfection Media and water filtration systems in San Antonio. Those systems are an effective and safe way to disinfect your water. Quantum Disinfection Media uses light to kill bacteria and viruses, providing you with clean, safe water. If you are looking for a safe and effective way to disinfect your water, Quantum Disinfection Media is the right choice.

Benefits Of Using Quantum Disinfection

One of the advantages of quantum disinfection is that it can disinfect surfaces and equipment that are difficult to clean with traditional methods. For example, quantum disinfection has been used to decontaminate surgical instruments, medical devices, and food processing equipment.


Quantum disinfection is also effective at killing bacteria and viruses in water, making it a potential tool for water treatment. In addition, quantum disinfection is safe to use around humans and animals, as it does not produce harmful by-products. 

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Tru Health Is Your Best Option!

Tru Health is proud to offer Quantum Disinfection Media an effective and safe solution for disinfecting surfaces and equipment. Quantum Disinfection Media uses ultraviolet light to kill bacteria and viruses without producing harmful by-products. Quantum Disinfection Media is easy to use and can be used on various surfaces and equipment.

If you are looking for an effective and safe solution for disinfecting surfaces and equipment, consider Quantum Disinfection Media from Tru Health. Plus, if you live in San Antonio and want to have pure water, our products are your best option.

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