The Best Water Filtration System for Your Home

Access to clean water is a privilege we sometimes take for granted but that not everyone enjoys. There are people living in areas with untreated municipal water, well water, or other untreated water sources. Getting a whole-home water filtration system would solve that problem. At Tru Health, we offer different water solutions.


At Tru Health, we are a water and air filtration company with over 20 years of experience. We proudly service all of San Antonio and its surrounding areas. Stop drinking untreated, polluted water and putting your health at risk – get your whole-home water system today with us!

How a Water Filtration System Can Help You

A high-quality water filtration system may help you improve your health by decreasing or eliminating pollutants and chemicals found in the tap water you consume daily, making it a healthier option than bottled beverages.

Greet Your New Whole Home Water Filtration System

At Tru Health, we consider your well-being. That’s why our whole-home water system is the best in the market. Its two-tank design is intended to treat either well water or unclean municipal water.

A few of the contaminants that our water softener system will get rid of are the following: 

  • Acidic Water
  • Hydrogen Sulfide- H2S (Sulfur Gas)
  • Nitrates
  • Silt/Sediment
  • Arsenic

Our premium water filtration system features a high-capacity resin that filters out iron and other harmful minerals. It also has a Bacteriostat 55, which inhibits bacterial growth. With its garnet filtration media with a 20-micron sediment filtration system, no impurities will get through our system. If you’re looking for the best water filter, look no further.

Access Clean, Safe Water

Living in a zone with no access to clean water is a problem. However, just because you live in a said area doesn’t mean you have to withstand living with untreated water. With our water filter at Tru Health, you will receive the quality water you and your family deserve.


Don’t put your family at risk for these life-threatening illnesses when you have access to a whole-home filtration system from Tru Health. We proudly serve all of San Antonio, TX, and its surrounding areas, so you can enjoy clean drinking water anywhere in your home or business.