Water Softener Company in San Antonio

Water Softener Company in San Antonio | Tru Health

Tru Health is a company based in San Antonio, TX. We’re a water filtration company that offer the best products to transform the homes of San Antonio, New Braunfels, Laredo, and Boerne residents into healthy place.


Our water filtration systems remove the hard minerals from water using a process called ion exchange. Many of our clients describe their lives as “night and day” when comparing living with and without Tru Health water softeners. 

This is because of the effects that hard water has on many aspects of daily life. Everything from laundry and cleaning to bathing, drinking, cooking, and general health can be affected by the presence of calcium, magnesium, iron, and manganese in the water.


Make your home a healthier place with our water softeners. Don’t let hard water make your family sick. Call us today!

Premium Water Softener Systems

At Tru Health, we’re committed to helping San Antonio and surrounding area residents to turn their homes into healthy places. Our experienced technicians are dedicated to offering the best service and value according to your water filtration needs. 


We’re proud to say that we work with the best quality systems in the water filtration industry. Every water softener we offer is thought to enhance your water quality and reduce the risk of diseases for hard water.

Specialized Services According to Your Requirements

At Tru Health, we know that all our clients are different and have different needs. That’s why we provide specialized services according to the real water filtration needs that San Antonio and surrounding areas residents have.


Not all the zones have the same hard water, so not every house will need the same filter. Our well-trained specialists are capable of evaluating your water and recommend the filter that you require according to the type of water from your zone.

Water Softener Near Me? | Tru Health, San Antonio

Minerals in hard water can cause a lot of headaches. Skin problems, problems with appliances, stomachache, among other serious diseases.


For many years, Tru Health has helped San Antonio, New Braunfels, Laredo, and Boerne residents with their hard water issues. We have the experience and the knowledge to deal with Texas water and turn it into usable and drinkable water.


Avoid serious diseases related to hard water. Call us and get a free quote today!