Where Should I Place My Air Purifier

Air Purifying 101

Contaminated air is a big deal; it can cause many health issues to you and your community. Whether it’s a stuffy nose, coughing and wheezing, and even harm to your cardiovascular system, among other things, it’s important to take care of the air quality around you to reduce these risks.


It’s hard to control the air you breathe, thus making it difficult for you to combat air contaminants outside your home. However, you can start by managing the air that circulates your home. An air purifier with an excellent air filtration system is the best place to start.

    Placement Of The Air Purifier

    No matter where you place an air purifier, that area will see improvement. However, depending on where you put it, you might not be getting the best output from your air purifier. We’ll give you some placement tips if you find yourself with an air purifier and don’t know where to place it.


    Which Is The Best Room To Keep My Air Purifier?


    The effectiveness of an air purifier depends on many things like the size of the room, how many people are in it, how much time is spent in that room, etc. These factors should all be considered when placing your device. Consider the following when placing your air purifier:



    • Across from your entertainment system
    • Next to a doorway that leads into an open space
    • On the sides of a room’s wall
    • Near your refrigerator 
    • Next to your closet or dresser
    • Place it 3 – 5 feet off the ground
    • Mount it on a wall (if possible)

    Generally, the best place to keep your air purifier is in rooms where you spend most of your time, like your living room, bedroom, or kitchen. When you place it in the room where you spend most of your time, it can form a protective barrier that keeps the impurities away from you and makes the air around you cleaner. 



    Portability is another factor to take into consideration when adding an air purifier to your home. Some models are portable, and some are mounted on a wall. 

    Being able to move around your air purifier means you can always carry clean air with you. For example, you could set it in your bedroom overnight, to sleep with clean air and then in the morning you could move it to your home office. This is incredibly convenient if you have respiratory issues.



    Still unsure?

    If, after reading this, you’re still doubtful, you’re welcome to contact Tru Health. At Tru Health, we are pros when it comes to air purifiers, offering two state of the art purifiers—The Super V and the HealthWay Deluxe, both with excellent air filtration systems. 


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